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Wall-mounted racks are used to place large screen TVs on the wall and the framework of the rack itself is very sturdy, so as to hold up any week. In addition to TVs, wall-mounted racks can be used in any number of rooms in the house to hold objects related to the room itself. Wall mount racks can be used in any room in the house like kitchen, drawing room, bedroom, etc. Wall mount racks can be used in the kitchen for holding utensils and it can be used even for keeping television sets in the hall.

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Metal wine racks are designed and structured for the display and storage of unopened wine bottles, and come in a variety of style and functions. These racks can sit on the floor, hang from the ceiling, revolve or remain stationary, sit on the table-top as centerpieces, or be situated on the wall as shelving or cabinet storage. Metal wine racks serve as ornamental features as well as convenient beverage holders.
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Hanging wine racks are specially designed racks that can be suspended from the ceiling, under cabinets, on walls (although there are special wall wine racks that are constructed differently), or on another piece of high-situated furniture. Aside from the intended purpose, these hanging wine racks have multiple functions; they provide revolving decor, space facilitation, and stylish design.

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flash a rack Simple flash hash implementation for Rack apps. Try it out here: ... use Rack:: Flash # Set a flash entry env['rack-flash']['notice'] = 'You have logged out.' # Get a ...

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flash a rack rack-flash - Flash messages for Rack applications implemented as middleware.

How do I use session-based flash? Can I run Sinatra ... Use Rack::Flash. ... As of Sinatra 0.9.2, Sinatra is fully Ruby 1.9 and Rack 1.0 compatible. Since 1.1 you ... flash your rack com

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